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    What is BPO?

    Business Process Outsourcing is a key strategic tool available for organizations that help the management direct more focus on the core business, create cost savings & implement industry best  practices. Outsourcing will not impair any functionality by outsourcing & we strive to maintain a seamless experience for the organization by maintaining the same working times & same holidays as the client organization.

    Why do companies need to outsource their processes?

    • Major Cost savings compared to having processes on shore
    • Eliminate administrative headaches & reduce related capex & overheads
    • Bypass recruitment related complexities
    • Access to a highly skilled talent pool
    • The main benefit of Outsourcing is that the business can focus more on Key Functions & Core Competencies

    Who decides the list jobs to be outsourced and on what basis?

    The Top Management like CEO, CFO, COO, HR Director, Head of Business Units are taking decisions either hiring own staff or going for outsourcing. Mainly the support services functions such as Accounting, Finance, IT, HR, Supply Chain Management, Marketing are given on outsourcing basis. Depends on the company requirements the management will decide based on the cost efficiency.